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Stand-out tools for the modern job market

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D&S Professional Coaching partners with executives around the world to create highly effective job search tools to compete for top positions. 


Our services include executive-level resume writing services, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile creation, writing, and optimization, recruiter connections, and modern job search coaching.

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We work with talented, diverse clientele worldwide in countries including the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Australia, the UAE, India, and the UK.


Our recent clients include executives with Intel, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Univision, Netflix, Novartis, Dell EMC, PwC, McKinsey, and Amazon.


We specialize in helping executives or career changers who have diverse and deep backgrounds and need help targeting their messages or paring down their content. We translate their experiences into hyper-focused, compelling career narratives.

what makes us different?

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leader in industry

Debra is a thought-leader, national speaker, and trusted media source on best-practices in executive resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, modern job search strategies, and interview preparation.


To see our media mentions, check out our Press Page.


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on top of trends

We dedicate significant time on completing related training and professional development to keep our skills sharp while keeping up with emerging trends by partnering with hiring managers, headhunters, and recruiters. This allows us to ensure we have a pulse on the modern, evolving job market and that we continue to provide increasingly effective services for our clients.


With the growth of technology in the hiring process, what worked before won’t always work in the future and we want to make sure that our clients have an edge over today’s competition.


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Our VIP level of service and optimized processes enable us to deliver a high-touch customer experience and the best possible products with minimal time spent on your end.


We don’t send you lengthy forms or questionnaires to fill out and don’t expect you to spend time putting together the information we need.


Through our in-depth experience interview process, we can get all the information we need in just 60-90 minutes. Then, the only work you need to do is review the draft for minor edits.



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 We specialize in working with talent, accomplished, and highly-employable VP-to C-level executives who are ready to upgrade their resumes and profiles to help them not only find their next role but to compete for the TOP jobs, at the highest salary, and with the most coveted organizations in the market.


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We also help executives and other professionals with extensive experience or unusually complex backgrounds to distilled their content down to the highest-level, most notable accomplishments to clearly communicate their value without getting lost in the details.


Through our in-depth interview process, we can make sense of your experience and distill it down and target the career story and message to what’s most important to today’s hiring managers and recruiters.




Executives with extensive experience or complex backgrounds that need to be distilled down to the highest-level, most notable accomplishments so your value doesn’t get lost in the details.




Debra Boggs, MSM - Co-Founder & Lead Writer


Debra works with interesting, talented, and successful executives from all over the globe. As a regular contributor to major news outlets, she has been featured in The Washington Post, NBC News, US News Weekly,, and many other career and business sites and blogs.


Her professional resume and Linkedin profile writing experience goes beyond D&S Professional Coaching. It includes long-term roles with The Mentat, a tech start-up focused on automating the job search process, Great Resumes Fast, a premium resume service, and, as a vetted and trusted resume writer and job search coach.


Debra holds a Master of Science in Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and an Associate of Science in Labor Studies. She is also a Certified Social Branding Analyst through Career Thought Leaders. 


Steven Boggs - Co-Founder & Business Manager



Steven works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly for our clients and that we continue to grow and adapt in a changing market by overseeing quality, project management, and marketing for the firm.  After a career as a licensed pipefitter, he has too many building trade certifications and licenses to count, but his technical expertise and out-of-the-box business strategies are perfect for his second career and for advancing our clients and firm.


Our Team 


We are lucky to work with top-talent, certified professional resume writers and copyeditors with a variety of specialties to support our clients.





We work with recruiters, headhunters, and hiring managers to know what they look for in outstanding resumes and profiles.



we understand the tech of ats

We understand the technology behind the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to make sure that your resume has the right format and keywords to make it through the scanning systems and in front of hiring managers. 


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resume writing

It’s never easy to write about yourself or to fully recognize your achievements, no matter what field you are in. Going through the experience interview process and having your resume/profile objectively written by a professional is often a major boost to your confidence. Bonus, it also helps you prepare for job interviews after talking through everything together.


we do the heavylifting

We do the heavy lifting to save you time and eliminate the stress of telling your professional story in a clear, concise, and compelling way.


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