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40 million professionals per week use LinkedIn's search tools, according to the company. Does your profile show up?

Whether you want to be found by more recruiters, connect with potential clients and customers, or grow your reputation as an industry thought leader, we can optimize a LinkedIn profile that is engaging, and visually interesting to make sure you show up in all relevant searches.  


Our Personalized LinkedIn Profile Optimization Process


There are many reasons to have a complete, engaging LinkedIn profile. Whether for an upcoming job search, to show up in more recruiter searches as a passive candidate, to promote your company or find and connect with new clients, or to grow and nurture a strong professional network, we will work with you to determine the best strategy to meet your goal for the platform.

The best way to really get to know you and your goals for LinkedIn is to spend time together in a deep-dive interview over the phone. During this call, we’ll talk through your ideal audience, your experience in current and previous roles, and really dig into your achievements, unique value, and any other details you want to convey.


Our LinkedIn Services and Strategy 


We take a 360-degree approach to creating stand-out LinkedIn profiles. Our LinkedIn services include writing engaging content for every section top to bottom, keyword optimization in each section, the whole LinkedIn profile optimization and advising on headshot and background photo best practices, skills listings, and recommendations.

We also search for and test images, links, and videos to elevate the professionalism and visual interest of your profile while adding context and depth to your experience.




In-Depth Interview

We’ll start our LinkedIn services with a 60 to 90-minute in-depth interview together to talk through your goals, experience, accomplishments, and any other information that will help your profile stand out.

LinkedIn Strategy

After our interview, we will re-write every section in a Word including content, strategy, and links or images that will be used throughout. You’ll receive your initial draft in 7 business days.

Upload & Optimize 

After revisions are made and the proof-reader has reviewed the final draft, Debra will upload your profile live online to ensure all images, content, links, and privacy settings are correct.  

Have Questions? Book a Consultation Today!



We partner with recruiters, stay on top of trends and best practices, and have helped 100s of professionals elevate their profiles and their professional brands online.


We read the latest studies, stay informed on interface updates, and even partner with LinkedIn on market research. Then, we put this knowledge to work for you.


We do the heavy lifting to save you time by not only writing the content, but also testing the images and links and uploading everything online to make sure it's perfect.


We work with you to create a stand-out LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters, positions you as a leader in your field, and highlights your achievements.

Every LinkedIn profile optimization includes:

  • 60 to 90-minute deep-dive interview

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Professional 3rd-party copyediting/proofreading

  • Google search and testing to include links, images, and videos

  • Upload online (content, images, links, privacy settings)

  • Guide 1: How to Grow Your Network

  • Guide 2: How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile for Your Job Search

Investment starts at $1,000

($500 as an add-on service)




If your goal for LinkedIn is to grow visibility for your business or service, connect with potential leads, or stay in contact with your clients, we will create an executive profile as well as a company page. This includes:

  • 60 to 90-minute deep-dive interview to learn about your business, ideal customers, your value proposition, and your experience

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Professional 3rd-party copyediting/proofreading

  • Google search and testing to include links, images, and videos

  • Upload profile and company pages online (content, images, links, privacy settings)

  • Guide: How to Grow Your Network

Investment starts at $1,000 

($500 as an add-on service)



We offer ongoing profile management for our business and corporate clients to grow their engagement and visibility on the platform. This includes:

  • Kickoff meeting with our team to develop a social media strategy for your business

  • Monthly content calendar creation including 2-3 posts per week. Posts include curated content, long-format blog posts, videos, company updates, and more

  • Regular post upload and audience engagement on your behalf

Investment starts at $500 per month

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