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3 Tips for Job Hunting During Coronavirus

Who would have thought that job hunting in 2020 would be so tough? With the coronavirus pandemic, and the record layoffs and furloughs it has caused, many people have asked me if it’s even possible to find a job right now. The short answer is yes, but the process will be different. 

If you happen to be in the middle of a job search during this time, here are three tips for job hunting during coronavirus:

1. Get Comfortable Networking Online

With much of the country still working remotely and traditional networking events put on hold, virtual networking groups have been increasing in popularity. You can find business groups on Facebook and Linkedin or search for free live webinars in areas of interest. Then, invite your new connections for virtual coffee where you can have the opportunity to have a real conversation and learn how you can help one another. 

2. Have More Than One Resume for Your Search

As we mention in our interview with Courant, having two resumes could help you--especially if you need to find work quickly and cannot wait for the perfect position. One version could be for higher-level management roles and the other could be scaled back to appeal to a wider market of mid-level positions. This way, you are not applying for mid-level roles with a resume that makes you appear overqualified, but you still have the higher-level version on hand in case an opportunity becomes available.

3. Be Prepared for Video Interviews

While video interviews were already increasing in popularity, the coronavirus pandemic brought video interviews into the mainstream. If you are not used to working remotely or to meeting by video via Zoom or Google Meet, a video interview may seem intimidating. When preparing for a video interview, there are a few additional things to think about and prepare for beyond your answers to questions. Things like having proper lighting, dressing for video, and where to look on screen are all important. I recently had a client call me for video interview coaching because she “didn’t want to look like a troll on camera.” Click here to read our full article on our 7 tips on how to ace your video job interview

As with any job search, make sure to extend your search beyond just online applications. Click here for more information on how to stand out after you’ve applied online.

There are many companies and industries that are still hiring or ramping their hiring back up so try not to get discouraged, but the process may look a bit different and you may have to work harder than before. At D&S Professional Coaching, we partner with executives around the world to create highly effective job search tools to compete for top positions. Our services include executive-level resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile creation and optimization, recruiter connections, and modern job search coaching. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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