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Sketch 360 from Autodesk 360:Sketch 360 provides a full range of editing features for 2D drawings, without the need to purchase an additional subscription. Use it to quickly make changes to 2D drawings such as annotations, calls out, sketches, and notes, and to maintain a document history.More:CAD 360: Sketch 360 is part of CAD 360, a complete CAD and file conversion toolkit.Performance & Stability:Performance improvements and new hardware support for AutoCAD:AutoCAD is optimized on the latest version of Windows 10, and now it is 64-bit only, delivering improved stability and performance. AutoCAD is also available on new hardware. If you buy a new notebook or computer, you may already have AutoCAD installed. If you purchase a new computer with Windows 10, you will receive the 64-bit version of AutoCAD free. With 64-bit AutoCAD, you will experience: * Superior performance and stability * Multi-threaded drawing and printing * Increased drawing speed * Improved memory managementFile format:AutoCAD is available in AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD LT 2019 (R2305), and AutoCAD 2023 (R2308).Other Improvements:Support for improved Open XML and PDF standardsNew Drawing Layouts:All new page stylesNew paper settings:Color.1036)Extended Data {#S28}=============![Reduced brain-wide expression of *Lrrk2* during development of the hippocampus.\**a, b,** In situ hybridization for *Lrrk2* and *Pcdh17* in frontal sections of P0 mice reveals high expression of *Lrrk2* in somatosensory and motor cortex and pyramidal neurons of CA1 and CA2/3. Low expression was found in dentate gyrus, hilar cells and pyramidal neurons of CA3 and subiculum. **c,** High expression of *Lrrk2* in thalamus (T), but not of *Lrrk2* was detected in cortex (Cx) of P0 mice. **d,** In situ hybridization for *Lrrk2* in frontal sections of P7 mice revealed high expression of *Lrr 2be273e24d

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