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4 Job Interview Follow-Up Tips

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Waiting for a call back after interviewing for your dream job can be nerve-wracking! The good news is, the right post-interview follow-up could actually increase your chances of getting hired.

By following up after a job interview, you are not only reiterating your interest for the job, but you are also reminding the interviewer that you are a strong candidate for the position.  

Here are a few interview follow-up tips to consider:

Write a Handwritten Note AND an Email

I always suggest writing thank you notes immediately following an interview both via e-mail and hand-written cards for two reasons:

  1. Most people only send e-mail thank you notes now, so if you take the time to hand-write letters and mail them, the extra effort stands out to hiring managers.

  2. Because most people only send e-mails and mail is slower, you want to send a brief e-mail thank you immediately so that the hiring manager doesn't think that you neglected to send anything, especially if they plan to make a decision quickly.

Don’t Forget the Receptionist

Be sure to send a separate thank you to everyone who had a part in your interview process. This includes any administrative staff that arranged your meeting and/or travel. Administrative staff often have influence and should not be neglected.

Personalize Your Thank You’s

Make the notes personal, especially when sending separate notes to a group. Mention topics you covered, things you had in common, or interesting follow-up items you may have thought about after. Avoid sending everyone the exact same letter and show that you put some thought into your follow-up.

Be Prepared if You’re Traveling for the Interview

Prepare thank you notes ahead of time if you are traveling for an interview. Make sure to pack envelopes, notecards, and stamps and even pre-address them before your interview. (Bring extras in case someone drops in on the meeting). Then, you can simply fill them out and drop them in the mail locally before departing. This means the hiring manager will receive it quicker, highlighting your forethought.

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