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How to Follow up After Submitting a Job Application Online

Because applying for a new job takes time (writing or customizing your resume and cover letter, not to mention filling out the lengthy online application) you want to make sure you stand out from the crowd and your application doesn’t fall into the Applicant Tracking System black hole. Because positions that are posted on sites like Indeed, Monster, or LinkedIn Jobs can have hundreds of applicants for a single opening, it’s important to personalize your outreach beyond just the online submission.

We recommend finding and reaching out to the hiring manager or internal recruiter after you apply for a role to demonstrate your enthusiasm and initiative as well as to spur conversation before they review all the other applications to help give you a leg up in the process.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you follow up after you submit job applications online:

1. Find Contact Details

If the position description lists the title of the person the job reports to, do a Google or LinkedIn search to see who that person is and then look for contact details on the company’s website, their LinkedIn profile, using a program like Email Hunter, or by calling the company and asking for their email address.

If the position description does not list who the hiring manager or supervisor for the role is, you can also look for internal recruiters or HR staff on LinkedIn and reach out personally to let them know you’ve applied.

2. Send an Email or LinkedIn Message

Once you find out who to follow up with, send a brief email or LinkedIn message directly after you submit your application. Make sure to list a clear subject line such as, “Candidate for Position Title.” Keep your message short (three or four sentences), but be sure to show your enthusiasm and articulate why you are a strong candidate for the role. Include your resume for their review as an attachment.

Here is a template to create your own message:

Hello (Name),

I am reaching out to you personally because I submitted an application for your open

(Job Title) role and wanted to express my interest in working with your team at

(Company Name).

Currently, I serve as (Job Title) for (Company Name) where I (enter a few duties that relate to the job description). Because of this experience, I was excited to see this opening at (Company Name) for which I feel I can make an immediate impact.

I have attached my resume below for your review. I hope to have the opportunity to speak soon.

Thank you,


3. Follow Up

While you don’t want to seem pushy or over-eager, it is perfectly fine to follow up by phone, email, or LinkedIn message after a week or so if you haven’t received a response. You can mention that you submitted an application and wanted to make sure that your resume was received and that you are happy to provide any additional information, if needed. Because your application can get lost in the sea of resumes or the hiring manager's email inbox may be overflowing, a quick follow-up can boost your application to the top.

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